The Sims FreePlay Game- Free Mobile Game Introduction and Guides

The Sims FreePlay Game is the most playing game In Australia. It is the strategic life simulation game. This game played in worldwide also. Any user can play this game in any device. To play Sims FreePlay game you need the internet connection.

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In the Sims FreePlay players can create an avatar in game. They can build their houses in the game and control the avatar they are created.  Player can design virtual people in the game and dress-up them according to him/her. Player can select the gender in the game.

To make these design and play the game or take some action they have to gain Simoleons, Life Styles Points and Social points. The Sims FreePlay is the real time game and take action in real time. Players can take any action that allowed in game. They can move anywhere and done any activity in the game.

Activity done in Sims FreePlay game:

In Sims FreePlay Game player can create a town and set SIMS in them. User can make friend in the game, they are also real person (player) of this game. Player can select any random player in the game form any country. They can play with each other in the game. They can do real life activity in the game.

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Player will get married in the game and make baby in the game. In the game baby will created by only married people. In that game do real time activity like: love, hug,theft etc.. Player can play any kind of role in the game like: Doctor,Police,thief,player etc. They will be earn Simoleons, Life styles points and Social Points according to their activity.

Player will get many levels in the game. When they complete a level they gain the Simoleons, LP and SP. When they complete any level they will get new content and activity in the game. The avatar created in the game are called SIMS.

How to Increase SIMS in the game:

Player can create their own town and other sims can live in that town. When a married sims couple born a baby there is limit for them. In the game married couple can born limited baby in the game because of size of town.  There is a limit of SIMS in a town. Married sims can born a Girl Baby or Boy baby according to their choice. They can play with their baby in the game.

In the town they can build a building of Hospital, Playground, Club, Office and many places according

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 to their need. They can also buy things in the game by using the Simoleons. The SIMS can buy things from online store in the game, that sims become VIP of the town then they can add other sims in their town give them role.

After complete the many levels SIMS will be take many decisions. SIMS will need the Simoleons, LP and SP to perform the actions in the game. To buy any item in the game or change SIMS’s life style they need these things. This is best game for real time game in that.

Tasks in Sims FreePlay :

In the Sims FreePlay game player will get some tasks for their SIMS. These are called Main Quest and other one is Discovery Quests. Sims will do these things for continue the game. In the game regular quests are mandatory for the every sims in the game or Town. The discovery quests are optional for every sims. They have their own choice to complete or not complete that task in the game. These are very easy tasks in the game anyone can compete it easily.

For completing every quests SIMS will get the Simoleons, LP and SP according to the quests will be given. The more you quests you compete more you you Simoleons, LP and SP get in Sims FreePlay. Player will get the unlimited LP and SP in Sims FreePlay with these tricks. These quests are very interesting for the SIMS in Sims FreePlay. Player can play any tasks in this and get the rewards.

The Sims FreePlay game can be played at any device like IOS, Android , Blackberry and window phone. Player can also play the game on the windows system or PC. Player will need only internet connection to play this game.  The Sims FreePlay game is an online game that will be install in the device and played with internet connection online.

When player of Sims FreePlay play this game online they will get more features in the game. It can be installed in tabs also. Any user can play Sims FreePlay game in his/her smart phone. Player can be download this game online form app store or from the Google. Create the SIMS in the game and complete the quests and enjoy the game.


1. How to Download Sims FreePlay game?

You can simply download Sims FreePlay form app store, play store or from the google. And install in the game

 2. How to play the Sims FreePlay game?

Install the game in your device and create the SIMS in the game. and start the complete the quests. Earn Simoleons, SP and LP in the game.

3. What is SIMS?

When Player create an avatar or character in the game called “SIMS”.

4. What is the Simoleon SP and LP?

In the game Players earn the points for play called Simoleons. LP is stand for the Life Style Points and SP is Stands for the Social Points.

5. How to earn the Simoleon, LP and SP in Sims FreePlay?

In the Sims Freeply Simoleon LP and SP are by playing the game and complete an level or complete the quests in the game.

6. How to create the “SIMS”?

Player can create the avatar in the game that called “SIMS”

7. How to Born a Baby in Sims FreePlay?

In the Sims FreePlay game baby Born by only married couple.

8. What are taks in the Sims FreePlay?

There are two types of tasks in the game

a.) Main quests

b.) Discovery quests

9. Which quest have to complete the first?

Main quest is the mandatory for every SIMS. And the Discovery quests is optional.

10. How to add other player in a town?

Player can add other people in a town or game as his/her neighbors in game. Player can add them from your party boat, player will be added in your party boat from your facebook friend list if he or she using the game.


The Sims FreePlay Game- Free Mobile Game Introduction and Guides The Sims FreePlay Game is the most playing game In Australia. It is the strategic life simulation game. This game played in worldwide also. Any user can play this game in any device. To play Sims FreePlay game you need the internet ...
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